Breast Cancer Awareness

Yesterday I fell for one of those silly repost challenges to bring awareness to breast cancer. And while I have an excellent sense of humor, I don’t see how a status about buttered slugs or whatever draws any awareness. So, here’s my 2 cents on breast cancer awareness instead…
As a healer and a scientist I can’t help but question why the United States leads the world (by quite a hefty margin) in breast cancer deaths. What are women doing differently here than the rest of the world?

The major difference is that American women keep their breasts imprisoned in metal and darkness.

The Underwire Bra
Until 2 years ago, I had, as my ex-boyfriend so eloquently described them, “massive cans.” 36F. The decision to have a reduction was one driven by the fact that I was in constant pain. I woke up with back pain and regardless of meds, yoga, the chiropractor or the most supportive mattress manufactured, the pain never went away.
Running was a 3 bra mission.  How can anyone expect to have any level of lung capacity with 3 bras on? I have permanent dents in my shoulders from 20yrs of carrying massive cans. Not wearing an underwire bra was never an option for me, and yet I knew that it was effecting my breast health. The intuitive healer in me never felt right putting it on in the morning. And all women know the best part of the day is when you get to take off your bra- this goes triplicate for anyone Dcup and up. There is a sound effect in my head as they spill out- FREE!

Tough Mudder 2012, rockin 3 bras

Tough Mudder 2012, rockin 3 bras

So what’s so bad about the wire? Or any tight bra for that matter? Constricting lymphatic drainage is not a healthy practice. Restricting blood flow, also not a good idea. There are many prestigious organizations- Susan G. Komen,,, WebMd,  etc, that claim to not really know what causes breast cancer  or make claims that “there is no scientific link between underwire bras and breast cancer.” I call bullshit, and will simply say, that breast cancer is a billion dollar industry. So is women’s lingerie. Profit margins will debunk science any day of the week. That research is suppressed, but it’s out there. Dig around.


When I was 12, I got a horrible rash from antiperspirant and was unable to use it from that point on. I didn’t fully embrace my hippystink until much later in life, so there were some painfully awkward years as an athlete in my teens…
How does antiperspirant work anyways? Your body releases toxins through your sweat glands. The sweat glands in our armpits are powerhouses for draining any toxins that are pumping through your lymphatic system. Antiperspirants job is to plug those sweat glands to prevent them from both opening and from releasing the toxin filled sweat, and the deodorant’s job is to mask any odor that might be attached to said toxic sweat. The problem is, those toxins are SUPPOSED to leave your body. So where do they go instead? Toxins love to deposit in fatty tissue. The closest fatty tissue on a woman is her breasts. Where do those toxins go on a man? Scientifically, I don’t think there’s a blanket answer. As an intuitive healer, I say the stomach region.


I was your classic tomboy as a child, and I loved being naked, I so can remember my mother forcing me to put on a full bathing suit, much to my dismay. It wasn’t until my teen years, prom season that I had the notion to take my top off for some sun (tan lines with a strapless?! absofknlutely NOT!) and realized how lovely this felt. I’m not going to try to explain the benefits of sunlight exposure on an electromagnetic/energetic level as I see/experience them as an energy healer because it won’t make much sense, but think about how you feel if you go for long periods of time without direct exposure to sunlight? Shitty, right? How long has it been since your breasts saw sunlight?

So the likelihood that you’re going to stop wearing an underwire bra, throw out your deodorant and go topless are pretty slim….I get it.

1. Go wireless as often as possible. Get that thing off the minute you get home. Massage your breasts for a few minutes immediately afterwards. Cut the wire out of one of your bras and wear that one whenever possible. If you can, go braless! (May the gods bless you Dr. Basil Michaels for giving me nobraneeding breasts)

2. Free your sweat! Ok, so you don’t want to sweat at work, that’s reasonable. As soon as you get home from work and definitely before you exercise (and you should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, even if that just means taking a walk)- wet a facecloth with hot water and wipe out your armpits, then scrub them with any bodyscrub of your choice (or make your own with equal parts fine sea salt & baking soda, mix in some olive oil until it’s paste consistency) and rinse off with the hot wash cloth. Leave your armpits clean and go do something sweat-inducing: run, brisk walk, play with your kids, roll in the sheets with your significant other, ride a bike… keep your armpits free of chemicals for the remainder of the day. Whenever possible, use as little as possible to block the sweat glands in your armpits. There’s a bazillion natural, chemical-free deodorants that work really well.

3. Go topless If you’re not accustomed to topless sunbathing, start out slow. This is obviously for your poor albino ladies as well as the fearfactor. You might be a smidge nervous the first few times…”what if someone sees me?!” Find a safe spot, bring a friend, or simply refuse to give a fuck, they’re your breasts and they deserve some healthy sun exposure!
*May there come a day in our lifetimes, when we can– without shame, worry about a less than perfect body, fear of being caught, arrested, or violated– take our tops off and sun our breasts in peace.


ps. I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I’m bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I’m a slug.
– There. Breast Cancer Awareness shared 😉