Dandelion Love

Every spring and throughout the growing season, the earth does this beautiful thing and blesses us with plants that are loaded with exactly the medicinal properties our body needs at that particular time. We understand the concept of eating seasonally, right?…take that up a notch and nourish your body with what’s currently growing medicinally and you will feel phenomenal. I swear.

Dandelion is one of the first things to pop-up in the spring, and what a kick-ass little powerhouse it is. Every part– leaf, flower, root — has medicinal value.

So, what do you do with it?

1. Go outside with some scissors and a collecting container.
2. Snip the leaves. I usually harvest less than 30% of anything, but if you’re just going to mow them anyway, then have at it and pick them all.
3. Rinse them off and pat dry. Add to any salad mix, eat them as is or toss them in a pan with some garlic, olive oil and shitake mushrooms.
4. Why should you eat these, you ask?

Make Dandelion WineDandelion Syrup or Dandelion Iced Tea.
Live on the edge and experiment.

“Bitters” are my favorite way to take the extracted medicinal properties of the root.
I love this simple recipe for Bitters.
(*Sometimes I add 2T dried orange peel too)


Honestly, I don’t know how the dandelion became such an object of loathing on the American lawn, but let’s stop that madness, shall we?

*Don’t forget to save some for making wishes.


And watch this just because baby laughter is good medicine.

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